Everything you need to know about Donald Trump’s alleged mistress

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During their alleged affair, McDougal claims she paid multiple visits to Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan. There, she noted in her diary that Melania had a separate bedroom. At the time, Trump and Melania had reportedly been married for less than two years.

“Flew to NY a time or two,” McDougal wrote. “Stayed @ a hotel. He did take me to his house — showed me around. Pointed out his wife’s bedroom. Said she liked her space — to read or be alone sometimes.”

This wasn’t the only uncomfortable moment she had with Trump’s family. According to McDougal, Trump had a habit of frequently remarking on similarities he saw between herself and his daughter Ivanka, sending her articles about himself or his daughter and showing off her appearances on magazine covers.

McDougal’s encounters with Trump’s sons were more muted. She ways she sat with Donald Trump, Jr. and his wife during an event for Trump Vodka. (They shared a table with, of all people, Kim Kardashian.) She also supposedly had an encounter with Eric Trump during a party for The Apprentice held at the Playboy Mansion. 

“I was working as a ‘Bunny’ that night,” she wrote. “[Donald’s] whole family was there. We took pics together alone and with his family. He told me he asked his son, Eric, who he thought was the most beautiful girl here and Eric pointed [at]me. Mr. T said ‘He has great taste’ and we laughed!” 



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