Jimmy Buffett’s life is nothing like it seems

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Another one of Buffett’s latest business endeavors, and maybe the strangest of them, is launching a line of Jimmy Buffett-themed retirement communities. That’s right — Margaritaville is now an old folk’s home, and it’s launching seemingly just in time for the fans who’ve been with him since the beginning to move in. The first community, intended for residents aged 55 and up, is set to open in Daytona Beach in 2018. 

As odd as it is to hear about, it starts sounding like a pretty sweet way to go out, the more you think about it. Plans for the communities include resort-style living with restaurants on the premises, live entertainment, fitness classes, and presumably a liquor cabinet located in every hallway between the first aid kit and the defibrillator.

According to Forbes, thousands of people have already registered for spots in the debut location, which is set to feature 7,000 homes. If that turns out to be true when it opens, it certainly sounds like we’ll be seeing more than one Latitude Margaritaville on the coastlines of America by the time Buffet’s story is through. And why not? It doesn’t sound like the worst way to spend one’s golden years. If you’ve devoted this many decades to living like a parrothead, you may as well take that ride to the very end of the line.



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