The untold truth of Backpack Kid

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In the wake of capturing the hearts and minds of America with his SNL performance, Horning almost immediately started fielding business opportunities and by “almost immediately,” we mean the next day. 

His momager, Anita Redd, told the Gwinnett Daily Post, “I’ve just been managing my phone, responding to emails and setting up times for interviews and now I’m collaborating with people on designing a backpack based on him, designing socks based on him, T-shirts, hoodies (and) caps all since Sunday.”

Has that backpack money started rolling in yet? According to Horning, he’s got his eye on a particular brand. “Yeah, I am trying to stay loyal to one brand, it’s called Sprayground. I’m trying to get more from their business,” he told Complex. Asked whether he would launch his own line of backpacks, he said, “I don’t think I am. I’ve known Sprayground for a very long time and I’m trying to only wear their book bags.” 

It seems like Sprayground is definitely down to cash in on the Backpack Kid phenomenon as well. In this clip posted to YouTube by Sprayground, Perry chats with a Z100 DJ who just so happens to have a Sprayground backpack handy for a segment called “Spray it Out Loud” in which the pop star must answer random questions tucked into different compartments of the backpack. If that’s not some synergistic cross promotion right there, we don’t know what is.  



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