Celebs who worked at Hooters

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In the early ’90s, long before Jerri Manthey competed on Survivor: The Australian Outback, she worked at various Hooters restaurants, including locations in Alabama, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, according to her official website. Her time as a waitress wasn’t short of controversy, which isn’t surprising considering her reputation for being a drama queen and villainess on Survivor

According to the National Enquirer, she even “hooked up” with actor Lou Diamond Phillips (star of La Bamba) at a Hooters — or more specifically, in a Volkswagen Beetle “while a crowd looked on.” Seriously.

“They were attracted to each other right from the get-go,” said Eric Probst, her former restaurant manager. He claims Manthey and her sister, who also worked at Hooters, were “mini-celebrities” in Huntsville, Ala. “Everybody in town knew who they were. They’d get invited to openings, they’d get paid to do promotions and they were allowed into nightclubs free.”



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