Dove Cameron’s tragic real-life story

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Viewers were captivated by Cameron’s portrayal of identical twins Liv and Maddie Rooney on Disney Channel’s Liv and Maddie. Although she nailed the characters’ different personalities flawlessly, the role pushed her into unchartered waters. “Right when Liv and Maddie had started, there was no roadmap for how to do a show where one girl played two,” she told Playbill.

Before the show “figured out a rhythm and a way to get through it,” she admitted she struggled with the filming schedule while trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance — something that many other Disney stars before her had struggled with. “It was a long period of time where I was really struggling with the energy, and the workload, and shooting everything twice, then recording on the weekends, and still sleeping, and having a social life,” she said.

It even came to a point where she considered walking away from the series. “There was definitely a time when I [told]my mom, ‘I literally think I’m not capable of doing this. I do not think I will survive this. I think I am going to let all of Disney Channel down,’” she said.

In the end, she decided to stick with the show up until it came to an end after four seasons. She was able to execute the roles of both characters so seamlessly that viewers were likely none the wiser about the inner turmoil she faced.



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