Pop Star DEMI LOVATO Gains Weight . . . Fans Are Now Calling Her

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Pop star Demi Lovato always had a cute shape – she’s always had curves. But new pics of the pop singer were leaked yesterday, and now some of her fans are calling her “fat.”

Clearly Demi is not “fat.” If anything, she may have just gotten a little THICKER. But that reality, hasn’t stopped some mean online bullies from going in on the Millennial pop-star.

There have been online reports that Demi is on some kind of Drugs. According to Radar Online, she’s in the midst of a “downward spiral.” Here’s what they’re reporting:

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“Demi has gone off the rails,” a source close to the star told Radar.

The news comes after Radar exclusively reported Lovato fired her longtime manager Opens a New Window. , and severed her close relationship with her rehab business partner Opens a New Window. , CAST Recovery Center founder Mike Bayer.

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“She’s completely dropped her family members, friends and everyone in the sober community, including all of the people at CAST,” the source claimed. “And now she is cutting off her staff who have worked with her forever.”



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