Amber Rose Is Almost 40 . . . Called

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Amber Rose held her annual Slut Walk yesterday in Hollywood, and she is getting blasted on social media – for her appearance. Amber is closing in on 40 years old. Her “official” age his 32, but most people in Hollywood believe that Amber is really 39 years old.

And many of Amber’s “fans” think she’s getting a little OLD to be promoting the promiscuous “slut” lifestyle that the March represents.

But Amber doesn’t seem phased by the criticism. She proudly walked onto the podium, and spoke in front of thousands yesterday in Hollywood.

Here are pics of her from the event. She definitely doesn’t look “old”,

According to TMZ:

Attendees this year are also big on advocating for body positivity and to decriminalize sex work. Some of the notable signs include “Jesus Died for Strippers Too,” “Sex Work is Real Work” and “Sex Workers are the Healers of Society” … and many more.

Amber’s event’s taking some heat online for the mixed messaging, with people saying the original intent of her Walk 4 years ago was to protest rape culture … and now it’s lost focus.

But, Amber tells TMZ … there are a multitude of issues facing women today, and they’re trying to face as many as they can in a positive way.

“I feel like my SlutWalk is sexually liberating, body positive and we’re fighting back,” Amber told E! News during the walk. “We’re allowed to be sexy. We’re allowed to dress how we want. It’s not an invitation to touch us inappropriately…we’re just not taking any s–t any more. It’s done. It’s over.”

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